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This pouch manages to hold all my crap AND reel in the compliments  #monki #asos #miumiu #commedesgarçons #thebodyshop

This pouch manages to hold all my crap AND reel in the compliments  #monki #asos #miumiu #commedesgarçons #thebodyshop

MSFW Runway 2
Monday September 8, 2014

Well here we are in the middle of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and what an amazing week it’s been so far! We were lucky enough to be seated front row at Runway 2 on Wednesday September 3rd and of course we’re going to share all the best parts with you!

The runway presented us with the Spring Summer collections of the following designers: Carly Hunter, LIFEwithBIRD, Khalo, YB J’AIME, Alice McCall, Manning Cartell, Lui Hon & Willow. The cuts, colours and geometrics of each piece were perfectly organised into clean collections with a spring twist! Now check out the best looks of the new season:

Carly Hunter: (lovin’ the slides)

LIFEwithBIRD: India particularly liked this look,

Manning Cartell: Ultimate Fav! Can’t go wrong with any of these pieces!

Lui Hon: LOVED the head gear.

Willow: The dress below was inspired by Japanese prints, along with a few other pieces by the label.

Check our Instagram (@dallaanddutch) for a video of the finale, along with many more glimpses of the show! Also keep an eye out for some more fashion illustrations inspired by these new collections, full fashion month reviews and much more! 

Footwear from the front row  #msfw #acnestudios #alexanderwang

Footwear from the front row  #msfw #acnestudios #alexanderwang

In celebration of the September issue & WANG deliveries  #alexanderwang #vogue #septemberissue

In celebration of the September issue & WANG deliveries  #alexanderwang #vogue #septemberissue

Fashion Illustration Workshop
Sunday June 29, 2014

As a gift for my birthday back in March, the best friends bought me a workshop experience which I finally attended yesterday. I learnt so much and decided it would be nice to share with you all what I did there.

Firstly, the teacher, Tracy Hogan, was absolutely lovely. She taught really well and shared a lot of great tips and tricks in fashion design. Here’s the first piece we drew:image

This was done using a template beneath tracing paper and water colour painting.

The second piece was slightly more tricky as we didn’t use a template, and drew the body from scratch beneath the garments.

This wasn’t as structured which I preferred, though it was harder. One tip she taught us with free drawing is that the angle of the shoulders is opposite to the hips. If the right shoulder sags down, the right hip rises. It’s actually quite difficult to get these poses right without it looking awkward!

Lastly, and also my favourite and most fond of piece, was our magazine snippets. In fashion illustration, the drawings are always way out of proportion so when we took snippets from a fashion magazine of a model (I used the lovely Miranda Kerr from Vogue Australia’s July issue), we had to then cut up the model and paste her on an A3 sheet in an attempt to essentially elongate her body to better fit the larger page size. We then placed tracing paper over it and instead of simply tracing it line for line, I chose to use a straight line technique where basically there are no curved lines. It looks a lot more rough but different. 

Overall it was an incredible experience and there will definitely be more illustrations coming your way in the future! 

Breaking these puppies in, thanks  @incu_clothing #acnestudios #bassike

Breaking these puppies in, thanks @incu_clothing #acnestudios #bassike

ACNE #cometboot #acnestudios #greenwithenvyboutique

ACNE #cometboot #acnestudios #greenwithenvyboutique

Personalised charms from @pandorajewelery! Can’t wait to add them to the collection :) #paris #snowflake #rose #pandora #jewelery

Personalised charms from @pandorajewelery! Can’t wait to add them to the collection :) #paris #snowflake #rose #pandora #jewelery

How Much is Too Much?
Wednesday April 30, 2014

For those of you that do not know, Dalla & Dutch are planning a trip to Paris (and perhaps London) for the beginning of 2015! As two eighteen year olds with minimum wage jobs and expensive taste, it’s been super difficult for us to save up for such a trip! Hence we are constantly asking ourselves ‘is that too much to spend on one item?’

I’ve decided to share the discussion with you all; how much is too much? Send us your opinions or maybe even stories of when you’ve had to ask yourself this question!

Now recently I (Heba) have been keeping an eye out on the recent collection by Mansur Gavriel.

These bags are absolute perfection and from the moment I saw them I knew I had to have one. Authentic Leather with a coloured interior, what more could you want in a classic tote bag? There’s only one obstacle in this feat, they are sold out EVERYWHERE. And do you know what that means? That means they are only available on ebay for double the price. So the question is, is it worth it? Should I pay $800 on a bag that was originally only $450 but is now no where to be found? And this question isn’t only asked for bags, it’s for everything? How do we know when to stop bidding? When things are just too over priced or when they are worth their value? I’ll be honest, I haven’t figured out the answer to that just yet. But I do know this, if you feel the bond, and you know what bond I’m talking about, the one that leaves you picturing future outfits with that item or impressing attractive specimens with it. If you feel it, buy it.

Adding some much needed animal print to my wardrobe 😎 #proenzaschouler

Adding some much needed animal print to my wardrobe 😎 #proenzaschouler